The Academy Padel Tournament

Join us for an exclusive invite-only padel event filled with thrilling matches, delicious food, refreshing drinks and live music! This is your chance to showcase your skills and get competitive in the Advanced and Intermediate league. Or have some social matches and meet new padelplayers at the beginner+ league.

Food by
Cafe in the City – Sushi dinner
Spang Makandra – Sandwich lunch

Start | 14:00
Available | 13:00 – 13:15 , possibility to register until 13:30
Costs | €50 per person including lunch, dinner and drinks
Game format | The games will be played in a group format to ultimately determine the winner in the final
The finals of every league will be around 20:00

Every league has his own level. You can sign in at one of the following leagues
Advanced. knltb level 2-4
Intermediate knltb level 4-6
Beginner+ knltb level 7-

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